Welcome to Trujillo Creek Outfitters!

Hello Hunters! You have successfully spotted the right outfitter and sportsman for your Big Game or Turkey Hunt.  Check out our fair prices – we charge about half of what other outfitters in this area charge. Daniel, the owner, is a Southern Colorado native, with approximately 10,000 acres of private land available for prime hunting in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  He also has the exclusive hunting rights for several other surrounding ranches. Numerous arrowheads and spear points have been found on the property, indicating that this has been an excellent hunting ground for hundreds of years. The number … continue reading….

Freddy Harteis bags his mountain lion!

We started this mountain lion hunt in 2012 with Freddy Harteis (The Hollywood Hunter) and it has been quite an experience from day one. Between Freddy’s busy schedule and our spring snows, we were having a tough time getting him the opportunity to harvest his mountain lion. We only had two days remaining and we ran out time and snow! So Freddy had to fly back in at the end of February of this year to try it again. We had good snow and we hunted hard for a few days with still no luck. We are getting frustrated because … continue reading….